“It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!” Did you know, there are many great historic walking tours you can find online from throughout Sheboygan County? Here are a few from around the county we would like to highlight for you to be able to get out to walk, ride, or drive to discover local history!

Updated May 27, 2021

Sheboygan County Historical Museum Tours – Vamonde:


Starting in September of 2020, the Sheboygan County Historical Museum has been developing self-guided digital tours to get you out and about and discovering history right in your backyard! Go to every stop on the tour or pick and choose what fits in your schedule. Make a pit stop on your trip to Sheboygan to learn about the Acuity Flagpole, in Kohler to learn about the American Club, or in Plymouth to see Antoinette the Cow and discover the Cheese Capital of the World. You can access the tours both online through www.vamonde.com or by downloading the Vamonde app (iOS and Android). Click the links below to start exploring!

📣 Android Users: We are aware that the Android version of the Vamonde app is having some hiccups. We have been informed that there is not always a “search” bar to find the tour. We have reached out to Vamonde about this, but in the meantime, here is a work around. Instead, Android users can click on “Destinations,” select “Milwaukee” because we have linked our tours in with them as the nearest major city, then select “tourist.” Our tours should appear as your first options. If it does not, make sure that your phone’s location is turned on (found in settings) and that will bring up the tours closest to you, which should be ours.
We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but hopefully this will be a good solution until the bug is fixed!

Sheboygan – StriveOn App:

Sheboygan has a new historic walking tour through the app StriveOn! Discover the Downtown Historical Tour, and enjoy the Vollrath and Memorial Historic Neighborhood Walks that our Executive Director Travis Gross gave in 2019! This is a project we are excited to see the city doing and look forward to working with them to share more local history in a fun way 👏
You can download the app through Apple Store and Google Play to start discovering!

StriveOn App

Sheboygan Falls Historic Walking Tour:

Go explore beautiful Sheboygan Falls! They have a wonderful historic walking tour available that show off the historic districts, storefronts and buildings, and other fascinating stops waiting for you to discover!

Click the link below to see the digital version of the brochure:

Sheboygan Falls Historic Walking Tour

Historic Plymouth Walking Tour:

Go explore beautiful Plymouth! They have a wonderful historic walking tour available that shows off some of the gorgeous historic, landmarked homes and buildings. History is waiting for you to discover!

Click the link below to see the digital version of the brochure:

Historic Plymouth Walking Tour

Elkhart Lake Historic Race Circuits:

Go explore the Historic Race Circuits in Elkhart Lake! Check out this website that has a map to guide you to each stop on the race and learn about the history of open road sports car races in the 1950’s. So jump in the car and get ready to discover! On your mark…Get set…GO!

P.S. – We realize this is a race circuit…but please refrain from speeding

Elkhart Lake Historic Race Circuits

Historic Random Lake Walking Tour:

Go explore lovely Random Lake! The Random Lake Area Historical Society created a walking tour that featured 17 historic properties from the time period of 1865 – 1926. Learn about beautiful homes, churches, and commercial buildings, and discover their stories!
Our apologies for the pages of the tour being somewhat out of order. This is a scan of a printed copy the Museum had in our records.

Historic Random Lake Walking Tour

Wisconsin Historic Rustic Roads

For our final post in this series we would like to share how you can explore historic Wisconsin Rustic Roads! Memorial Day Weekend is typically the kickoff to weekend getaways and trips “Up North.” Your plans may have changed a little this year, put you can still jump in the car for a short little road trip celebration! The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has a full listing of Rustic Roads that you can explore, including Rustic Road 63 right here in Sheboygan County! So jump in the car, enjoy a lovely drive through the country, and imagine what it must have been like to travel these roads years ago. What will you discover along the way? History is waiting for you! 🚗

Click the link below to see the map of Southeast Wisconsin Rustic Roads and start planning your road trip today! https://wisconsindot.gov/…/travel/road/rusti…/southeast.aspx

Southeast WI Rustic Roads


Want more historic tours? We are currently developing more of our own! We hope to announce those to you soon! Stay tuned!


Now get out there and see what you’ll discover!